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1998/99 Season


Monday 21st June 1999

Now the dust has settled on that wonderful day in May, the hangovers have all gone, the Rags fans have all taken their shirts abroad on their summer holidays and us City fans start to think of August and the teams we will be playing. No more Macc Town no more Colchester (did we play Colchester last season?). How are we going to do? Who will we buy? The latest on transfers is as follows. City are interested in David Johnson from Ipswich, Scott Sellars from Bolton on a free and Stan Lazaridis (again) from West Ham. At the moment there is nothing concrete and there won't be until probably next week at the next meeting. David Johnson is apparently unsettled in Ipswich and wants to come back to the North West, that is all I have heard in the last few days. Lee Sharpe has turned us down in favour of the Mighty bantams and Premier League football. I hope City get promotion again and Bradford will no doubt be relegated so we can stick two fingers up at him and watch him grovel to Big Joe the season after. I can't believe he has turned us down twice. Maybe his brother John told him bad things about the club from his time at Maine Road. Anyway more news as I receive it.

Tuesday 1st June 1999

What an absolutely wonderful magnificent day. Talk about typical City, I honestly don't think any other team in the world could put it's fans through what we go through season after season after season after season. As I am not a season ticket holder or a member I couldn't get a ticket for the occasion so I watched it on Sky with the GMR commentary on the radio. I swear when Dickov equalised Andy Buckley was CRYING, so much for being a neutral. That man is City through and through. He watches every match home and away and even gets paid for it, what a life eh? When I heard the penalty takers I nearly cried, RICHARD EDGHILL for christs sake, 151st match and he's never scored. I think the day was all a bit too much for Browny who was not quite himself, but he has played a blinder most of the season. But the biggest surprise of all was when my Daily Mirror was delivered and the entire front and back pages were City. I have included a scan of it on this page. Feel free to use it as a desktop or whatever. Also the Sun had the exact same picture taken a few moments earlier as Nicky Weaver was diving in front of his team mates.

Mirror Scan

Wednesday 19th May


Play off final Sunday 30th May 1999. The day after my 34th birthday.

Monday 17th May

Here we go again, no nails and another worrying couple of days. I am 33 years old and have more grey hairs than old father times' Grand-father. A 1-1 draw is not too bad I don't suppose. Come on you blooooooooooos.

More on Wednesday.

Monday 10th May

Firstly congratulations to Nicky Weaver on breaking Alex Williams' record of 21 clean sheets. Considering he couldn't even get in the reserves last season I think he has done a wonderful job between the sticks and hopefully he has a long and medal ridden career at the club.

Now the tension is becoming unbearable as we face the prospect of a two legged semi final against Wigan Athletic. They have not conceded many at Springfield Park so a 0-0 0r 1-1 would be a good result. City picked up a couple of injuries on Saturday so things not looking too clever. The other semi is of course between Gillingham and Preston. Preston have had a bit of an iffy spell of late but I suppose it's what happens over the three matches that counts. City's first leg is away on Saturday with the second leg on the following Wednesday. 3rd place in the league isn't too bad I don't suppose. You only have to scroll down this page to see my rantings earlier in the season. Oh joy to be a City fan eh?

The last season City were promoted from Division 2 they finished with 82 points, this season they finished with 82 points.The last season City were promoted was the season 88-89 this is season is 98-99. The last time City were promoted it was a London team that won the division, this season it was a London team that won the division. Cue the Outer Limits theme tune.

A couple of facts about this season.

Lowest number of defeats since 1976-77

Lowest Goals conceded since 1976-77


Sunday 2nd May

Well 2 games left and the worry is over we are condemned to the play offs. Now there is even more worry as we are 5 games from life back in division one. Yesterdays result was a bit of a bummer but Walsall had already gained promotion so the heat was off really. Life as a City fan is a strange one.

I am adding a couple of new bits to this site. Some photos I have collected from the 'net and a History section. I am hoping to list City's final league position for every year since they were elected to the league. It may take a while so keep checking up. If anybody wants to offer any help in redesigning this site please mail me at my new email address More soon.

Saturday 24th April

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What a let down. I think City like doing this to us fans. There we all were getting carried away with all the automatic promotion thoughts and the boys turn in a performance like todays. The great unpredictables strike again. It's now looking like the lottery of the play offs and 3 nail biting hair ripping matches. Lets hope they have got the crap games out of their systems and roar in to division one through the backdoor. There was talk on GMR today of moving the first leg from the Sunday to the Saturday as the Sunday is the last day of the Premier League. Mind you the Football League will probably not allow it. Mark Robins is out for the rest of the season after undergoing a hernia operation. According to Big Joe they knew he had a groin problem when he arrived. Anyway the only chance we now have of automatic promotion is for Walsall to lose all their remaining games and City to win both of ours. Mind you at least we MAY have Wemberlee to look forward to.

Wednesday 14th April

Another good result though not a convincing performance. 2-0 after 10 minutes and cruising but they must have been saving their energies for Saturday against Gillingham. Walsall had a good win against Bournemouth last night which I think will be enough to see them go up in 2nd behind Fulham who were promoted. On the black side it looks as if Terry Cooke will going back to Taggart to wallow in reserve team football. If he decides to join City in the summer we could get him for a very small amount according to the pundits on GMR. He will not command such a high price at a tribunal due to his lack of first team football. If he does decide to stay with the Rags then we should wish him all the best and hope he can command a regular place at Old Trafford at least it will give us all a reason to watch MOTD. He is a fantastic player and he has brought a breath of fresh air to Maine Road. If Joe Royle and the board do decide to stump up the money for him so we have him for the play offs maybe next season we can have a similar player on the left wing.

Saturday 10th April

Yet another astounding day in the life of Manchester City. An emphatic 4-0 win against a team City usually struggle against. Results also went the way of the blues with Macc beating Preston and Walsall losing to Colchester. The automatic second spot still looks out of reach but then again this is City we are talking about. Always expect the unexpected. Walsall are now two points in front with two games in hand, Preston are one point in front with one game in hand. We can only hope and pray. The thing in City's favour is that Walsall have a few tough games having to face Fulham and Preston.



Wednesday 31st March

Well things are starting to look good again after our little slip against Oldham. 1 defeat in 16 games is promotion form in my book, all we need now is a few more slips from the teams above and to beat Wigan and Preston in the next two games. Not much is it.

Last Thursday Joe Royle signed Mark Robins from Ronnie Whelans Greek side. It was reported on teletext and on tv that he has been signed on loan. This is not the case, he has been signed on a free until the end of the season. If he's as good as the other United player we've got he'll not go far wrong. Bradford were quoted 1.4m for Terry Cooke on the day before the transfer deadline, I am hoping that this was a scare tactic by Fergie as he is pretty chummy with Big Joe so he could have been doing him a favour by scaring them off. Lee Sharpe was at Maine Road on the same day having a cup of tea with Joe and getting ready to sign for the blues until the Mighty Bradford stepped in. It just goes to show how far we have dropped when a player chooses Bradford City above Manchester City. I hope he lives to regret his decision and they stay in the First so that we can hammer them at Maine Road next season.

More soon.

Wednesday 10th March

Another emphatic victory another 3 points and an unbeaten run of 12 games. Not bad eh? City could have scored about 16 last night but at least they got 6. The 2nd automatic promotion place is now more or less out of reach barring very bad results for the teams above us. But Wembley is looking a very distinct possibility.

News in the Mirror today that Ajax are trying to offload Kinky and nobody is interested. I find that quite hard to believe myself. Joe Royle has said that he is not going to use the first option buy back clause which is a pity because I would love to see him back at Maine Road but I know he would not be right for the team. I think he will eventually end up in the Premier League. I have to admit that I would love to see him at Newcastle alongside fellow Georgian Timouri Ketsbaia. What a team that would be.

Local Derby time again on Saturday as Oldham come to the academy. They are currently at the wrong end of the table so I expect nowt less than a good win.


More soon.

Saturday 20th February

We're going up, We're going up, We're going City's going up. A good day all round for the boys in blue. 3 vital points and a few others dropping some. Defeat for Preston and Stoke and draws for the other front runners. (apart from Fulham). I was reminded today just what I've been missing for the last 5 or 6 years. The atmosphere at this afternoons match was incredible. Being Macc born and bred it was quite strange seing them at Maine Road, and my 9 year old son was sat in our coach open mouthed as we pulled up at the ground. "in't it big" he said as he saw the ground, yet another unsuspecting blue. "Can we go again Dad" he asked as we went home on one of the very quiet Macc coaches. Obviously with this being his first visit he doesn't know what it's like when they play crap.


More soon.

Wednesday 17th February

What a silly boy. Jamie Pollock was sent off for the 3rd time this season on Saturday. It was announced yesterday that he has been stripped of the captaincy for his own good. Apparently he now has no reason whatsoever to speak to referees. But we know different don't we. It is a part of his game that we will just have to put up with.

This Saturday I will be at the Academy for the first time in about 5 years and my son will be making his first ever visit. We will be there for the visit of our home town club Macclesfield Town. I have 2 tickets for the North stand and I can honestly say I don't know who is more excited, me or him. Mind you he was a bit worried after seeing the trouble in the North Stand against Millwall when the mindless morons came to wreck everything. He was panic struck when I told him that's where we are sitting. As we are on a roll I can honestly see Macc being a little overawed by 30 000 diehard Blues fans as opposed to 3 000 Macc fans. My prediction for this weekends match is 5-0 to City.


More soon.

Friday 5th February 1999

Finally I have managed to update this very boring page. We are still on a roll as I write with good wins against Fulham and Stoke and a draw against Walsall, 7 points out of 9 against the top sides. I think the team that will stop us getting that automatic promotion place is going to be Preston. News I read in the papers this week includes a cash investment of 30 million quid from somewhere with 20 million available for players and the rest going on shares. I can only suppose it has something to do with Stephen Bolers shares but as always you can't believe everything you read in the papers. (Just ask Glenn Hoddle).

I thought the sacking of Mr Hoddle this week was a bit harsh but I have never liked the man. John Motson the "unbiased" commentator for the '81 cup final must have thought that Hoddle's free kick was aimed at Tommy Hutch's shoulder on that fateful May day.

I would like to finish on a sad note. Two former City greats have gone to the Great Academy in the Sky in the last couple of days. Joe Hayes who scored the opening goal in the 1956 Fa Cup Final win over Birmingham and Arthur Mann who came to Maine Road in 1968 as the then record signing at 65 000 from Hearts. Both men will be well remembered.

More tomorrow after we beat Millwall 2-0!!!!!

Monday 4th January 1999

Not a bad display by all accounts on Saturday and the boys can count themselves unlucky not to have come away with a draw. I listened to the match on GMR and was VERY impressed. Keep up the good work boys. A successful Christmas period has cheered me up no end, taking 6 points out of 6 can't be bad. Still in 7th place in the league and nicely placed for the run in. Maybe a day out at Wembley is still on the cards after all, but then again this is the wonderfully unpredictable City we are talking about. Speaking of days out, it's a trip to Blackpool on Saturday the Windy Town on the north west coast with the big tower. More news on this page as it happens.

Sunday 27th December 1998

At last a bit of good fortune, instead of us dominating Wrexham and not being able to score, we were crap and still came away with 3 points which has lifted the mighty blues to 7th place in the best league in Europe. Now this may be a coincidence but since I got the new away shirt on Friday 25th December this year City have a 100% record and it has now been washed ready for the Stoke match tomorrow. A result to match the relegation battle from last season will go down a real treat. City are a very frustrating side to follow, but they are still the love of about 40 000 people here in the UK. Anyway I would like to take this chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very lucky and point filled New Year. My New Year's resolution is not to look on the black side when we drop a few points. It will probably last until around the middle of January but there you go.

Wednesday 16th December

A wonderful goal by Michael Brown and the Blues are now in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and an away tie against Wimbledon. Was it worth all the drama of the two Darlington games I ask myself. At least we will be able to use that age old cliche "now we can concentrate on the league". Looking at the table we are 14 points adrift of the top spot with the top teams having a couple of games in hand. A run of 6 or 7 wins on the trot and who knows where we'll end up. Next match away at York City. More news on Saturday night.

Oh a quick word about Willie Donachie, apparently he has apologised for his comments in Fridays M.E.N. He was not saying he was disappointed with all City fans just the ones who boo all the time. All I can say to that Willie is GIVE US A WINNING TEAM WITH HEART AND SPIRIT AND THE BOOING WILL STOP


Friday 11th December

I have to say, having just read tonights Manchester Evening News, that I am quite amazed at Willie Donachie's comments that he was sickened by the boo boys at the Darlington match last Friday night. What the bloody hell does he expect cheers? City fans are the most loyal in the entire British Isles. Surely we are entitled to express our opinions after paying a small fortune to be entertained. When City fans pay to be entertained they expect to be entertained by City not the opposition. I am sick of hearing the expression "well it's like their Cup Final isn't it" When was the last time Arsenal or the Rags or Liverpool couldn't beat a team a division below them. If City played anybody in the Cup Final they would lose we really have gone that far downhill. With all honesty after that match last Friday night, Darlington should have been in the draw for the 3rd round and facing Wimbledon. Things really are going to have to improve and pretty bloody quick. We are now in the run up to Christmas and in 8th place in the league. If come May we want one of the automatic promotion places we simply cannot afford to lose any more stupid matches. If these clowns can't beat Mansfield Town at Maine Road then what chance have they got against the likes of Sunderland et al in Division 1 or the Rags in the Premier League. To rub salt in the wounds, on Wednesday night the night after City played in front of 3004 fans at Maine Road in the Autoglass Trophy for Crap clubs who never win anything ManchesterUnited played in front of 55000 fans at OT in the European Cup for Excellent teams who win all their own Domestic Trophies every year. Then on the highlights show in the early hours of Thursday morning we had one UWE ROSLER scoring a bloody Hat-Trick for Kaiserslautern in a 5-2 win in the same competition. I hope they go on to lift the European Cup for Uwe's sake he deserves it after putting up with the crap at Maine Road. Anyway enough ranting and raving, tomorrow it's home against Bristol Rovers' injury hit side so that's another worrying thought as the minnows come to enjoy their Cup Final and Piss off to the West Country with all the points.


More here soon.


Thursday 26th November

I am getting a little ticked off just lately. No, it's nothing to do with City. I've just upgraded my PC from a P60 to a Winchip 240mmx and I've had nowt but trouble. Anyway everything is now ok and I am back to updating this page more regularly. I have decided to scrap the best City 11 idea because I have not had 1 vote at all, not a sausage, bugger all. I think I am going to have to give this page a revamp cos even I think it's getting boring. I might even scrap it all together and concentrate on my emulation sites who knows.

Anyway today came the news that Craig Hignett is going to Barnsley and a Sheffield United striker is coming to Maine Road, I think it's Gareth Taylor but then again I could be wrong. Joe Royle reckons we are still on course for promotion but I am not so sure, to gain promotion surely we should be beating the likes of Gillingham at the academy not drawing 0-0. Saturday saw the same old problem dictating the match but not able to put the ball away. Next match is this Saturday against Luton. Expect another update on Saturday night.


Monday 16th November

I'm back after two weeks of City bliss. 2nd round of the FA Cup and 5th place in the league. A smashing show by Craig Russell on Friday night and a good showing altogether. I have had a major catastrophe this last 2 weeks. I upgradedfrom a Mini Metro like P60 to a flashy Sports Car like P240. For some reason I ended up having to Format my main hard drive and reinstall Windows 95. As if this wasn't enough I also formatted my D drive aswell so everything I've had off the internet over the last few months has gone down the toilet. Back to the football, since my last writings City have signed Andy Morrison for 80000. That bloke is built like a mountain it's gonna take centre forwards half an hour just to run round him. I do believe that the signings of Branch and Morrison are going to be the change we need to get us out of the Second Division. Then we'll just need another 11 players to get us out of the First Division. (Only Joking)

Monday 2nd November 1998

Isn't it amazing how one win against inferior opposition cheers you up for a few days. 2-1 against Colchester was as welcome as 11-0 against the Rags would be. Lots of news today. After the loan signings of Branch and Morrison City are also after Craig Hignett from Aberdeen, and are on the verge of signing George Donis from Blackburn. A flying winger by all accounts with a few caps for Greece. The FA Cup has brought up the usual bad memories, with us been drawn at home to Halifax. Lee Bradbury made his Palace debut on Saturday for the last 15 minutes. I for one wish him well and am just sad we didn't the best out of him. Gio has been in the news for the last few days. Apparently he is very miserable at Ajax where he is being played as a left winger, nobody is chanting his name and he still hasn't scored. He has sent messages to Liverpool to come and get him and rescue him from his misery. I have to admit It would give me a reason to watch Match Of The Day other than the rare occasion United get hammered. I am still eagerly awaiting my first set of Best and Worst City teams. It has now been nearly 2 weeks since my idea for this but I still haven't had anybody's list. I think I'll give it another 2 weeks and then stop it.

Saturday 24th October 1998

Yet another bad showing at the academy. 1-0 at home to Reading. Fortunately for me I was not at the match, and missed the coverage on the radio. I am now sick to the back teeth of being a Manchester City Supporter. This once wonderful football club has been ripped apart over the last 10 years by bumbling incompetents who have no idea of what to do. To my way of thinking the Maine Road hierarchy should not have replaced Peter Reid. Two years of finishing 5th in the league was not good enough. I do not want to speak ill of the dead, but Peter Swales' decision to part company with Reidy because of a bad run of results is where this wonderful club has gone wrong. Bo@*ocks to money troubles, success on the field brings success elsewhere. I am sure more Blues would rather watch a local Derby against the Rags than against Wigan or Oldham. In 8 years we have gone from beating United 5-1 to losing at home to Reading and away to the mighty Lincoln City. 5 managers later we are the laughing stock of the Football world and no decent player will ever come to this club until things change. At this moment in time we have a load of triers but nothing else. No passion, no skill, no heart, NO CHANCE. Now on that depressing note I am off to the local to get bladdered and have people take the p*ss as usual.

I have not had any votes yet on the best and worst City teams.

Tuesday 20th October 1998

What a bag of S*ite. I have just listened to the Lincoln match on GMR and I have never heard such a bad match on the radio in my life. Last time we played at Sincil Bank they played the same but lost 4-1. I really thought that after Saturday's result at Wiggin we had once more turned the corner. It looks as though the corner had yet another banana skin waiting. Andy Buckley of GMR reckons we are really missing the bad tempered Jamie Pollock. What we are actually missing is a player who is not scared sh*tless of making a mistake. A player who can think and has the skills to match. We also need a decent finisher. It makes you wonder what would have happened if Uwe had stayed. On song he would have had about 30 to 40 goals already this season.

Changing the subject entirely, I am trying to piece together a list of everyone's best and worst City players of all time. Just email me with your best 11 and worst 11 and I will put the results on this very page. Pick 11 of each and 5 subs for each. C'mon Vote now.

Saturday 17th October 1998

Well, 3 more away points and 7th in the league. Not bad after another poor display. No points at all on Monday so 7th doesn't look too bad. The draw for the autoglass has been announced too. We will be facing the mighty Mansfield. Could it be a route to Wembley? I doubt it somehow.

Listening to the radio today I discovered that Joe Royle wants to play 4-4-2 but doesn't feel he has the players for it. He said "I would love to play with wingers but unfortunately we haven't got anyone suitable". I seem to recall having a very good winger by the name of Beagrie. He's now looking good in the division above us Mr Royle.

Thursday 8th October 1998

Why the hell has Nigel Clough only just left Maine Road. I thought he'd retired ages ago. I suppose it may have something to do with the fact that he's been getting paid huge sums of money for spending the day playing Golf instead of working on his fitness and football skills. There is no doubting his football brain when he was at Forest he was absolutely brilliant but it is no use having a footballers brain if you don't have footballers feet or a footballers body is it . I mean I can think a good game I know when to pass the ball and when to shoot but unfortunately my feet don't anymore. All the same I wish him well but I wish he'd stayed at Forest because who knows he could have led England to glory in the World Cup or European Championships or something. I think he bit off more than he could chew moving to Anfield.

Anyway no match this Weekend so I shall be doing a bit of decorating and then watching England stuff it up the Bulgars. Oh and My Brother has E-Mailed me a list of every England match ever played including every scorer if anybody wants a copy e-mail me and I'll stick it up on this site.

Saturday 3rd October 1998

Sorry Joe this just isn't good enough. A team with the stature and history of Manchester City should be annihilating the likes of Burnley. The chances are being created and today we played SOME bloody good football but what is happening in front of the old onion bag. Come on Mr Royle get it sorted and get well soon. Use that hospital telephone and pull in a few favours. You would do well looking in the division above at the likes of John McGinley he scored a few in this Division a few seasons ago and I do believe he's available.